1. Address:
21 North Main Street Kaysville, Utah
2. Why The Kaysville Theatre?
3. Hours:
We open Monday through Thursday at 6:30 pm. We open early on Fridays, and for matinees on Saturdays and most Holidays. You can find out What's Playing and Showtimes on this site or call 801-546-3400.
4. Admission Prices:
Our admission price is $2.00 for everyone 2 years old and up, for all shows except on Friday and Saturday nights, when it is $3.00 for everyone 2 years old and up for all shows after 6:00pm.
5. Directions to the Kaysville Theatre:
From the South - Travel on I-15 North toward Ogden. Take exit 328, to Kaysville. Turn right onto 200 North, Turn right onto Main Street. The Theatre is located 1&1/2 blocks South on the west/right side of the street. From the North - Travel on I-15 South toward Salt Lake City. Take exit 328 to Kaysville. Turn left onto 200 North, Turn right onto Main Street. The Theatre is located 1&1/2 blocks South on the west/right side of the street.
6. Parking:
Parking is located along Main Street, and on the side streets off Main Street. We have permission from Kaysville City to park in the City Office lot after business hours. The City lot is located east of the Theatre. Entrance to the City lot is off Center street.
7. Purchasing Admission:
We will begin to sell admissions for our first set of scheduled movies at 6:30 pm Monday thru Thursday. On Friday, Saturday, and Holiday Matinees we open 20 minutes before the first scheduled movies of the day. After we are open we will sell admissions to the next set of scheduled movies 15 to 20 minutes before the movies are to start. WE ONLY SELL ADMISSIONS IN ADVANCE ON FRIDAYS, SATURDAYS AND HOLIDAY MATINEES!
8. Showtimes:
You may find our showtimes on this website: Click on the NOW PLAYING menu. You may call our recorded message at 801-546-3400, 24 hours a day. You may sign up to receive a weekly e-mail of our Movie Schedule. Click the MAILING LIST menu. You may find our showtimes published in other places, but know that the information from those sources may not always be correct.
9. Pre-sell Admission:
WE PRE-SELL ADMISSIONS ON FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND HOLIDAY MATINEES ONLY! Pre-sell admission is done on a same day basis, no exceptions.
10. Reserved Seating:
There is NO RESERVED SEATING at the Kaysville Theatre. Admission to the Theatre is sold first come first seated. For best seating options come early, and come with your whole group to secure your seats.
11. Saving Seats:
Kaysville Theatre admission is sold first come first seated. If you must save seats, becaue someone is getting concession items, using the restroom, etc... we ask that you only save the number of seats you have paid for. To avoid seat saving problems with others please have your whole group with you when you enter the theatre, then proceed to your assigned auditorium to secure your seats. Please keep your un-paid for children, car seats, hand bags, coats, etc... out of the seats you have not paid for. For popular movies we will sell every seat in the theatre.
12. Paying addmission for some one who is parking or coming later.
We hope that you will have your whole group with you when you pay for your admissions. If you are paying admission for someone who is not currently with you, we will ask that you wait up front by the admission line to identify the person(s) you have paid for. If no one is up front to identify and confirm that the admission has already been paid for, we may not let your paid for person into the theatre.
13. Please have your whole group with you before purchasing admission.
We do not issue a paper ticket. Please have your whole group with you when you pay for your admissions. After you have paid your admission we ask that you enter your assigned theatre auditorium to select and secure your seats.
14. Passes & Special Admission Offers:
We accept Passes or Special admission offers for most movies. However, we sometimes have to restrict the use of Passes or Special Admission Offers because of our contracts with the Film Companies. Please check for restrictions or expirations dates that are on your Passes or Special Admission Offers. To find out what Movies have restrictions on Passes or Special Admission Offers: check on this website, call our recorded message at 801-544-3400, 24 hours a day, or ask at the theatre.
15. Bringing in your own Food and Drinks:
FOR HEATLH, SAFTY AND ECONOMIC REASONS NO OUTSIDE FOOD, CANDY, SNACKS OR DRINKS MAY BE BROUGHT INTO THE THEATRE. Please leave your homemade and pre purchased snacks at home or in your car. We will not sell you an admission if you bring in outside food or drink. When you purchase your movie snacks and drinks at the theatre you help keep our prices low.
16. Refills for Popcorn and Drinks:
We offer one FREE refill on our large size popcorn on the day or night of purchase only. We only refill Kaysville Theatre Drink Mugs for $2.00. We do not refill other sizes of popcorn, drink cups or other mugs at the Kaysville Theatre.
17. Movie Ratings:
The movie ratings system is a voluntary system operated by the MPAA and the National Association of Theater Owners (NATO). The ratings are given by a board of parents who comprise the Classification and Rating Administration (CARA). CARA Board members view each film and, after a group discussion, vote on its rating. The ratings are intended to provide movie patrons and parents with advance information so they can decide for themselves which films are appropriate for viewing by them and their own children. Find more information at http://www.filmratings.com/ While the decision to enforce the rating system is purely voluntary, the overwhelming majority of theaters follow the CARA guidelines and enforce its provisions. At the KAYSVILLE THEATRE we show very few R rated movies and we limit the showtimes of R rated movies to after 9:00 pm on weekdays. On Weekends, Matinee days and Holidays, R rated movies may play between 4:00 and 6:00 pm and again after 9:00 pm. WE DO NOT RATE THE MOVIES, WE ONLY SHOW THEM.
18. How and When to purchase Kaysville Theatre Gift Cards
You may purchase Kaysville Theatre Gift Cards, Monday through Saturday, during our operating hours. There is a $10.00 minimum on each card. Gift Cards are good for admission and concessions.
19. Re-Playing the Movie:
Our equipment does not allow us to re-play the parts you missed like your home video or DVD player. We clear out each auditorium between showings. Staying to see the part you missied is not always possible when a movie only plays once each day.
20. Lost and Found:
Many items that are lost or left at the Kaysville Theatre are never found. We place the items that are found in our Lost and Found for one month, then we send them to the Deseret Industries. If you have lost or left something at the theatre you will need to come in person to the theatre during regular theatre business hours and we will check our lost and found for your item. The Kaysville Theatre is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
21. Renting Out The Theatre
We do rent out auditoriums for private showings, family or work functions, etc. Please contact our General Manager, Lisa Call at lisacall@comcast.net, for more information.